Membership Categories within META

The Malaysian Educational Technology Association (META) offers various membership categories, as specified in the PTPM Constitution (1988). These categories encompass a diverse range of individuals and organizations involved in the field of educational technology. Let us explore the different types of memberships associated with META:

Ordinary membership is open to individuals who are directly or indirectly involved in educational technology. This includes teachers, lecturers, librarians, education administrators, training officers, media technicians, and anyone with a keen interest in educational technology. Ordinary members actively contribute to the advancement of educational technology through their professional roles.

Institutional membership is designed for organizations such as schools, colleges, polytechnics, higher education institutions, statutory bodies, and other government agencies involved in the field of educational technology. These institutions recognize the importance of staying connected with META to foster collaborative efforts and technological advancements in education.

Affiliate membership welcomes legally recognized associations, clubs, and organizations involved in educational technology. This category includes professional associations, educational technology clubs, and private agencies both within and outside the country. Affiliates play a significant role in promoting partnerships, sharing resources, and advancing the field of educational technology.

Honorary membership is an exclusive category bestowed upon individuals of distinction or experts who have made exceptional contributions to the field of educational technology. These individuals have demonstrated outstanding service, advanced the mission of META, and significantly enhanced its reputation and performance. Honorary membership recognizes their substantial impact on educational technology and encourages further dedication to the field.

Lifetime membership is open to ordinary members who have paid a lifetime membership fee. This category provides an opportunity for committed members to maintain their association with META throughout their lifetime and continue contributing to the development of educational technology.

These diverse membership categories within META facilitate a vibrant community of professionals, institutions, affiliates, and exceptional individuals united by their passion for educational technology. Whether you are an educator, organization, club, or esteemed expert, META offers a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and driving innovation in the realm of educational technology.

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Registration Fee

All payment must be made to PTPM-META account:

5647 2667 9897


IMPORTANT: Please include Ref: "META MEMBERSHIP" in the transaction reference.